This section is designed to help those willing to dedicate time and efforts to learn about speculation in general. The content is provided with the solely objective to educate.

How each individual use the resources made available here is completely personal and up to their own discretion. The material here is EDUCATIONAL!

I hope the resources here available on topics ranging from Equities, Futures, Currencies (FOREX) and Options proves valuable. The Bulk of the information is focused on the derivatives and risk management industry. Remember: these are Leveraged products and investing in such products equals high-risk! Leveraged products = high risk products!

In made an entire course available here in this site. To follow the course please go the section title Study Guideline. There are different sections ranging from fundamentals to technical analysis and other useful  material. For those looking for other sources online, here are some very good sites to find high quality information:

  1. Stock Education: ( Very good Research Section)
  2. Stock data and information: NASDAQ website
  3. Options Education: An excellent place to start is the CBOE site at! Very high quality free information!
  4. Futures Education:
  5. Forex: Here is an area where the waters can get very murky! There is so much information available, that I feel as if it is impossible to discern good from bad. There is certainly very good education out there, but I have not explored enough to share an opinion! My sincere apologies!

I hope you can find the analysis and insights within this blog helpful. The main objective here is to help aspiring and active investors and traders to reach their trading and risk management goals.

In order to further help others in their journey, I created a list of resources that I believe are transparent and reliable that could be of value to those willing to explore. You will find them here!

Please keep in mind that there are endless sources of information all over the Cyber Space. One can suffer from information overload quite fast. With time and patient, we can find ways to filter what is interesting  and what is not.

Some are excellent, very practical and applicable, others poor, purely theoretical or deceiving. There is a very large menu available to fulfill each and every test around the Web. It is completely personal what one decides to use or not.

The only word of wisdom I will drop here is to try to concentrate your efforts.  Try to Keep it simple'  Small and minimalist if you will! . Don't try to absorb all, learn different methods and concepts all at once! If you wish to Conquer the World at once, you will find yourself confused and directionless! Don't  jump from one source to another hoping  to find "A la Minute"solutions for problems or quick results. Focus and consistency are the real keys to success!

Very often in life, LESS IS MORE!  Make up your mind, find what suits your personality & goals. Try to design a plan that fits your personality and follow it. Adapt when necessary but start somewhere. One Step at time! It may sound like an old Mantra, however, taking Baby Steps often lead to great results!

Overcome very difficult challenges ain't easy! Investing or trading aren't easy! One can do everything right according to one's methodology and be completely wrong! Now, that is frustrating! To be able to survive, it is imperative to keep things into perspective. It requires discipline, the ability to withstand adversity and be able to think LONG TERM! It ain't easy, but it is the only way to survive on the long run.

Food For thought:

  • Some won't like what I am about to say, but, trading - principally high-frequency intraday, can often lead to compulsive/addictive behavior! Similar to drinking and drug problems, in which, one is constantly looking for the next fix! So, please keep in mind what you will be facing. Don't fall prey to promises of short-term success and fortunes! It may, but most likely, it won't happen!
  • Often, one will ding itself getting hit over again! Every discretionary trader or system trader will face some serious drawdowns along the way! Therefore, focus on the Long Run! Focus on learning the basics and find a method that suits your personality!
  • The very best face challenges and it takes iron discipline to excel
  • Last but not least, there are no full proof methods! one method will completely contradict the other! So, to avoid going nuts, try to follow a methodology that fits you and that can be verified!

Discipline poses challenges even to the most disciplined individuals! We aren't machines and things can get out of control! Please be mindful and be careful! If you deviate from the desired path, regroup and get back on track! Be disciplined but be kind to yourself!

Good Luck and Much Success!

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