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Phase 2: Investment Methodology

Phase 1: Education
November 5, 2016
Wall Street Hidden Secrets
Phase 3: Start Investing!
November 4, 2016

Introducing The 5 Pillars Of Professional Investing

With the 5 Pillars of Professional Investing Masterclass, you will acquire the investment knowledge & confidence you need to start invest intelligently, generate income and build wealth.

5 Pillars Of Investing

1Idea Generation
The first step in your way to make an investment decision is to build a world view. Top-down analysis helps you find themes and investigate them. This is often called building a World or Global view. In this section of the course you will learn about the impact of economic data across financial markets, and how to apply this to investment opportunities. By looking at the world's major economies, you will see that each market has its own unique structure, and reacts differently to specific pieces of data. Once your view is established, you will look for asset classes ( i.e. stocks or currencies) that will most likely to be affected by the themes in question.
2Asset Specific Analysis
To decide whether your best ideas make sense from the perspective of the individual assets - Stocks/Currencies/Commodities - one must find information to support our decision. For Stocks, the best way is to carefully analyze the companies in question. We will look at what the company’s business is and give you the tools you need to analyse company financials.
3Chart & technical Analysis
The topic Technical Analysis is surrounded by controversy. From our perspective, Charts & any technical Tools are considered tools to hel visualize the behavior of an asset. In this section of the course you will be shown how to develop a framework that suits your style and help you achieve consistent returns using price action signals 
and a disciplined approach. With the help of live examples, you will learn how to analyse and make money from trends, whatever the market conditions. We will introduce options markets as technical tools to help us time markets.
4Trading Psychology
Many people adopt an approach to learning to invest or trade that is not very effective, which leads them to make lots of potentially avoidable mistakes. In this section of the course , you will learn practical strategies drawn from performance psychology and from professionals with vast personal experience of training & developing traders, The objective is to accelerate your learning and help you avoid losing unnecessary money. Ensure that you are in the right state of mind to engage and participate in investing or trade.
5Risk Management
How to build and protect your investment portfolio in the market – to ensure that even when you do lose money it won’t inhibit your ability to invest & trade. Risk is an inherent part of invest & trading. Without taking risks you will not make much money. Therefore, you should learn to embrace risk and understand it. You have to make sure you stay on top of the risks you take and in control of them. 

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