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Phase 3: Start Investing!

Phase 2: Investment Methodology
November 4, 2016
Stock & Investing Valuation: Back to Basics
Stock and Investment Valuation: Back to Basics
March 3, 2016

Start Investing!

Simulators help you to learn the mechanics, however, the only way to experience the challenges, is to have Money On The Line!

Nothing will replace Real Investing or trading. Risking Money and Facing Losses Impact Investors In Very Unique Ways. Therefore, One Must Invest!

Start Small, but START! .

Size doesn't matter; what matters is the experience

Smart Investors are very keen to what is happening in the world and how this could possibly create an opportunity in the future.

The Idea Generation Process is Crucial to Long Term Success.

Focus on the right information and avoid listening to rumours before investing.

By generating your own ideas you will feel empowered.

I will discuss a model that professional desks utilize to establish a view on the stock market direction. .

We will look at stock market history and economic indicators to help put ideas into perspective. .


We will explore & evaluate some methods that professionals use to select the sectors and when to proceed. (Favorable sectors at relevant times)

We Will discuss how to take the idea Generation Data and Translate it into a stock trading idea.

We will evaluate the idea and decide if it makes sense from a valuation perspective.

Simulators are helpful for those just starting to learn and trying to figure out the very basics of trading and investing. Simulators under supervision and within a very professional environment can be extremely helpful.

However, simulators will never allow you to experience the emotional and practical challenges associated with investing with real money. Real profits and losses have an impact on behavior, principally losses. !

Incurring losses has proven to be one of the greatest challenges among investors! Professionals and Retail alike!

TThe Takeaway: "Embrace Risk, Accept Losses and Wait Patiently For Opportunities!"

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